A small selection of some of our previous projects.

Global Energy Company

After the client was informed of a credible threat of espionage, from a Foreign Intelligence Service, Verrimus was called in. We managed the threat from technical espionage attacks.

Global Mining Company

A global mining company under increased threat called in Verrimus to protect it, during a period of extremely sensitive negotiations. Verrimus deployed physical, technical and cyber assets to secure the company’s information. Various attacks were uncovered and neutralized.

London 2012 Olympics

Verrimus provided the team for the UK Government Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) for the 2012 Olympics. For 3 years prior to the games, Verrimus staff protected the Government's critical information and secure areas during the planning of the Games. We were very privileged to have also be trusted to secure the Royal Families areas in the Olympic Park.

UK Counter Terrorism Headquarters

A UK CTU came to build their ultra secure new £60 million headquarters, Verrimus was contracted to ensure the building was secure from technical espionage threats. Our work enabled the client to operate at TOP SECRET level, safe in the knowledge their critical information was secure.



Military Training

Verrimus has been called upon to deliver advanced operational and functional training to various regular and Special Forces military units around the world.

Intelligence Agency

As part of their internal quality assurance program, an intelligence agency booked an Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL) run by Verrimus in order to test their own functions and capabilities, and to identify areas for improvement. On completion the agency sent very positive feedback stating ‘We could not have produced this level of sophistication in house, we will definitely return…’

Specialist Police Unit

Verrimus has provided advanced operational and functional counter intelligence and technical surveillance counter measures training to specialist law enforcement units around the world.

Intergovernmental Organisation

A leading IGO contracted Verrimus to provide its security staff with the capability to defeat technical espionage attacks at a Foreign Intelligence Service Level.