Learn more about the Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM, bug sweeping) specialists, Verrimus.

(Latin; first-person plural present active indicative)

Verrimus were formed in 2010 from 2 partner organisations; Specialist Intelligence & Security Service (SIASS) and Consultation Research Solutions (CRS). CRS’s management and the operational staff from SIASS became Verrimus. An amalgamation of intelligence and operational excellence, since 2003, Verrimus personnel have been delivering operational and training services at the highest level for over 15 years in the private sector.

Our main expertise lies within TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures often referred to as bug sweeping) and we ensure that all of our operators are professional and experienced at the highest threat levels.

Since our formation, we are very proud to say that Verrimus has grown to become a trusted leader in the field of Critical Information Defence and particularly our specialism of TSCM. The feedback we receive from our clients and training participants remains consistently positive.

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