Verrimus is a world leader in the provision of Critical Information Defence, specialising in TSCM, to protect our clients' critical information and privacy from any level of threat.

Our Critical Information Defence services cover the entire spectrum of information threat.

  • Cyber Threats
  • Technical Threats
  • Physical Threats

Verrimus maintain the functions and capabilities to detect, identify, locate and deny any attack on your critical information, From low level through to the highest level of threats, including Foreign Intelligence Services.

Our Blue Team have, over the past decade, been responsible for protecting:

  • Corporate Organisations
  • High Risk Individuals
  • List-X
  • Government Assets
  • Counter Terrorist Assets

Through the provision of bespoke service solutions including:

  • Cyber Information Security
    • Network Security
    • Application Security
    • Device Security
    • Cyber Intrusion Detection
    • Operational Security
    • Counter Espionage Security
    • Cyber Forensics
  • Technical Information Security
    • TSCM Inspections - Bug Sweeping
    • Cyber TSCM
    • Intercept Detection
    • Secure Communication
    • TEMPEST Vulnerability Detection
    • Unauthorised Device Survey
    • Live Monitoring  (TSCM - Cyber - Interception)
    • Long Term Monitoring  (TSCM - Cyber - Interception)
  • Physical Information Security
    • External Perimeter Security
    • Internal Perimeter Security
    • Secure Areas
    • Device Security
    • Secure Storage
    • Secure Disposal
    • Counter Surveillance
    • Advanced Vetting

Verrimus has the unique capability to be able to provide full spectrum information security.  Available stand alone, or as part of a total service provision, our information security services leave no gaps. Ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your information.

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