Verrimus provides full spectrum Penetration Testing services in the UK and worldwide.

Our Penetration Testing services are second to non, with our Red Team having decades of experience at the highest levels.

  • Cyber Penetration Testing
    • Ethical Hacking
    • External Network Testing
    • Application Testing
    • Social Engineering
    • Device Penetration Testing

  • Technical Penetration Testing
    • Eavesdropping Testing
    • GSM Penetration Testing
    • Inteception Attack Testing
    • Passive Network Attack Testing
    • Location Attack Testing
    • Forensic Attack Testing
    • Interception of Fortuitous Radiation
    • Trojan Attack Testing

  • Physical Penetration Testing
    • Passive Reconnaissance
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    • Active Reconnaissance
    • Vulnerability Identification
    • Exploitation and Infiltration
    • Social Engineering

Our full spectrum approach means our testing covers every possible attack angle. Unlike our competitors, we have the capability to penetration test all information theft vectors...stand alone, or grouped into a hostile attack simulation.

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