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Verrimus is a Critical Information Defence Agency that specialises in High Risk information environments. 

We are not a traditional Information Security provider.

Verrimus focus on preventing, detecting, locating and denying the targeted theft of critical information. 

We offer our clients unique Full Spectrum Critical Information Defence services against hostile competitor activities, targeted intelligence gathering and espionage; corporate and Foreign Intelligence Services.

Verrimus are an agile service provider with a Global Reach. 

With a decade of experience providing our services to protect Corporate and Government Information Assets at the highest level, we are able to adapt and tailor our service delivery to meet the unique risk appetite of each of our clients.

As a trusted partner we utilise our unique capabilities to assist our clients to ensure that there are no gaps in their Critical Information Defence strategies across all information service domains; Technical, Physical and Cyber.

As you will see from our Previous Projects, Verrimus operates at the peak of service provision.

Verrimus is a world leader in the provision of Critical Information Defence services to protect our clients critical information and privacy from any level of threat.

Verrimus provides Cyber, Technical and Physical penetration testing in the UK and worldwide.

Defensive and Offensive Training, Training Centres, Courses, Mobile Training Team.

Verrimus are vendor neutral and as such are completely independent when it comes to equipment testing and procurement.


UK Company Number: 07469262 | DUNS: 217023250 | ANID: AN01059492718

MOD Registered Supplier