Verrimus is a world leader in the provision of TSCM training.

Given the ‘Classified’ content of some of our courses we can ONLY train Government, Military and Law Enforcement personnel in functions and capabilities restricted to Government agencies.

Our commercial TSCM training courses and modules can be found here:

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The techniques and equipment taught in our training courses cover all levels of threat from low level commercial threat through to advanced Foreign Intelligence Service threats.

We offer over 130 separate training modules to cover all TSCM training disciplines, all threat vectors and all attack domains.

Verrimus TSCM Training Centre provides the most sophisticated and realistic TSCM training in the world. With dedicated training facilities, over 20 live training areas – Residential – Industrial – Offices – Boardrooms – Offices, Aircraft Workshop including BAC1-11 and Boeing 737 aircraft, Maritime TSCM training vessels and city centre berth, dedicated Vehicle TSCM workshop with multiple training vehicles.

For further details of our TSCM training, please visit or for full details, including Module details and training schedule, contact us.