Covert Technical Surveillance Hide

Mimicry in TSCM and Surveillance


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Out and about today, we found a nice example of ‘mimicry’, a hide built to look like the object or surroundings its hiding in.

In this case you can see the hide mimicked to look like part of the tree its attached to. Partially covered by the ivy climbing up the tree was a nice touch.

Covert Technical Surveillance Hide
Covert Camera Hide?

Now this may contain a family of birds, squirrels or even bats…but then again it could contain technical surveillance equipment. Covert camera, transmission system, battery packs, being used to mount covert surveillance on the property it faces.

The point is that most TSCM teams neglect the external threat, when most surveillance teams actively seek an external angle. Our surveillance team has many external mimicry hides to enable them to gather all means of intelligence and evidence.  Video, audio, data intercept, mobile phone interception are all completely achievable from external attacks concealed in a mimicry hide.

A prime example of a mimicry hide being used is the MOSCOW ROCK incident. Click on the link below to see the BBC story:


We have been using mimicry hides since 2007 during our covert operations, and we continue to use them during covert operations and our TSCM teams are trained and equipped to find these covert hides.

At our TSCM training centre we train in the detection and location of external mimicry hides. At our offensive training centre, we also run Mimicry Training Module that trains Operators in mimicry techniques and mounting technical surveillance attacks using mimicry.

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