Verrimus is a world leader in the provision of Counter Intelligence Services, to protect our client’s critical information and privacy from any level of threat.

Our Blue Team have, over the past decade, been responsible for protecting:

Corporate Organisations
High Risk Individuals
Government Assets
Counter Terrorist Assets

From threats up to and including Foreign Intelligence Services, on every continent.

Our counter intelligence services include defensive and offensive counter intelligence operational practices, including (but are not limited to):

➢ Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeping)
➢ Counter Human Intelligence (Insider Threats)
➢ Counter Signal Intelligence (Secure Communications)
➢ Counter Imagery Intelligence
➢ Counter Open Source Intelligence (Neutralising of open source information that may be used by hostile organisations or individuals)
➢ Counter Measurement and Signature Intelligence
➢ Physical Counter Surveillance
➢ Counter Press Operations
➢ Counter Intelligence Investigations