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TSCM Bug Sweep – Covert GSM audio transmitter in air conditioning unit.

This is an image taken by one of our TSCM (Bug Sweep) Operators on task in the Middle East (Authorised Task).

A GSM audio transmitter (GSM BUG) installed in an air conditioning unit. The device had a long external microphone, enabling the mic to be installed away from the unit itself.

GSM ‘bugs’ are extremely common, and if concealed properly, can be impossible to find without the correct TSCM equipment and TSCM training.

We expose this fact in our YouTube VLOG:



GSM transmitters are not only used to steal audio. Just as common are GSM based spying devices that can be used to give egress to a covert camera, track someone’s location or even to enable a hacker to gain access to a device or network.

Bug sweeping teams with less than adequate equipment (most commercial bug sweep teams) cannot even hope to be able to guarantee to find a GSM based device.

Verrimus offer a TSCM Awareness Course for non TSCM personnel, to allow them to gain an understanding of technical and cyber surveillance threats to their business. 2 Days at our TSCM Training facility in Newcastle, or at your own offices. In the 2 days we demonstrate threats to your business, including actual demonstrations of attacks and what they are capable of. We then move to demonstrate, and let delegates participate in, the functions and capabilities to mitigate these threats.

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