Mobile Phones in Prisons


So…I’m not usually one to moan (no really!) but there’s a perceived ‘impossible problem to solve’ that really, really gets to me, so I’m going to have a moan about it. As well as pointing out how simple the problem is actually to solve, and hopefully throw some light onto the fact that this allegedly ‘very difficult to solve’ problem is actually only a problem created by blinkered and narrow minded officials who don’t want to solve the issue….


MOBILE PHONES IN PRISON : – It is a criminal offence to posses or use a mobile phone in prison without authorisation (section 40D of the Prison Act 1952).


This issue is widely reported and cogitated over in the media. The prison authorities spend tens of thousands of pounds on ridiculous equipment sold to them as ‘Mobile Phone Detectors’ which are essentially unfit for the purpose they require.


Lets get right down to the simplicity of how easy it is to wipe out every illegal mobile phone from a prison.


The legislation is already in place: ‘’Section 80 of the Act will enable the Secretary of State (and the Scottish Ministers) to make regulations which will confer a power on the County Court (in Scotland, a Sheriff Court) to make an order to compel Mobile Network Operators to disconnect mobile phone handsets and SIM cards found by the court to be operating in prison without authorisation. This new power will allow NOMS and law enforcement agencies to disconnect mobile phones without the need to first take possession of and then attribute the handset or SIM to an individual.’’


The service required to gather the evidence to action this legislation costs less than a mobile phone itself, and considerably less than the money already wasted by prison authorities on their unfit for purpose equipment flogged to them by some Arthur Daley spy shop owner.


I’ll give you an example….


Verrimus operators can attend any location in the world, survey the building for mobile phones, produce a list of all mobile phones in the area that are being used illegally and have them shut off the network forever. This whole service can be carried out in less than 1 shift and can cost less than a second hand iPhone!


Probably right now, there are people reading this that either don’t believe that it’s that simple, or doubt it can actually be done, based on the naive assumption that if it was so easy the prison authorities would have done it by now. Well we’d happily give a free demonstration to any one of the aforementioned people.


It is that simple…