Mobile Phone Interception


Mobile Phone Intercept

Covert Surveillance, technical surveillance, electronic surveillance, on individuals or organisations, by targeting their mobile phones is a primary methodology used by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies and without doubt all high level hostile criminal & terrorist organisations to intercept mobile phone traffic and track location data of individuals.

Organisations and individuals that operate in ‘hostile areas’, and by hostile we mean politically hostile as well as physically hostile, are at extremely high risk of their mobile phone communications being targeted by hostile foreign intelligence services and/or criminal organisations. Any organisation or individual creating, storing or communicating commercially sensitive or critical information, or information critical to national infrastructure, operating in a hostile environment or in a safe home territory, should be aware of their vulnerability to eavesdropping attacks using their mobile telephone.

Verrimus offers a bespoke service to organisations and individuals to secure their communication infrastructure and devices from attack. Verrimus can Detect, Identify and Locate mobile phone interception attacks and IMSI catchers. We can also monitor devices and communication systems to discover impersonation attacks and SS7  attacks (Signalling System 7 – We’ll look at this in a seperate blog).

The image in this blog shows a screenshot of a Verrimus operator monitoring the local environment for mobile phone attack, and discovering, and locating, various IMSI catcher attacks on a device. We have redacted the latitude and londitude of the discovered attack device for operational reasons.

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More open source information on IMSI Catchers can be found by clicking HERE.