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Victim of Hidden Camera Surveillance Awarded Compensation

The use of hidden cameras, by voyeurs to covertly film victims, sadly seem to be increasing. A man who filmed a woman naked using a hidden camera and posted images online has been ordered to pay her almost £100,000 in compensation, in what is thought to be a legal first. Stuart Gaunt set up a…


Supplying Bug Sweeping Equipment to Russia

Bug Sweeping equipment, such as spectrum analysers, were allegedly being purchased in the US and used to repair Russian Military equipment. Ilya Balakaev’s indictment was unsealed on Friday in Brooklyn, New York. He’s being charged with conspiracy to defraud the US, conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, two counts of conspiracy to…

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REMINDER – Hidden Camera Privacy Attacks Happen

Covert cameras, placed in publicly used spaces, where individuals should expect to have privacy are sadly used by voyeurs. Don’t be complacent in any public restroom/toilet facilities. These pose serious safeguarding and personal security concerns. The imagery collated may be used by the voyeur personally, or may be shared, sold or posted widely. Serious reputational…

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Hackers Targeting Politicians and Journalists

Hackers targeting politicians and journalists, warn UK officials Full article here Nothing new here. Hackers and those intent on compromising privacy have always targeted politicians and journalists. All politicians and journalists should already be hyper aware of their increased risk due to their occupation. Any competent politician or journalist should be aware of the…

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Privacy Compromising Hidden Cameras

Sadly, the use of hidden cameras to compromise the privacy of staff and customers within organisations continues. We’ve warned many times that organisations who do not have a risk assessment in place (and mitigations to prevent, deter and detect these privacy attacks) are leaving themselves open to prosecution from victims. The devices are easily obtained,…

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Vehicle Tracker in UK Government Car

Dependent on the model, vehicle trackers can forward location details remotely, live listen into conversations and record and store audio or visual intelligence. Surely, isn’t the UK Government routinely sweeping ALL Government vehicles for technical surveillance attacks? If they are (as they should be) then any device installed will be discovered promptly and hopefully before…


Russian Espionage USB Infections

Whatever your industry sector, are your staff aware of the threat posed by USB infections? Would any of your staff be tempted to ‘take a look’ at an interesting USB? Corporate espionage is an essential tool in international security. Turla, a Russian Espionage Group, Piggybacked on Other Hackers’ USB Infections | WIRED Please ensure that…

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Is your home speaker spying on you?

Is your Google home speaker spying on you? “Threat actors could exploit a vulnerability in the Google Home smart speaker to facilitate the installation of a backdoor that would access the microphone feed to enable spying” See full SC article linked below Google Home speaker exploitable for spying | SC Media (

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Are Governments Still Ignorant?

Do Governments around the world STILL think mobile phones can’t be bugged? Are they still ignorant regarding technical surveillance threats? Technical surveillance attacks (or whatever you choose to call them; bugging, eavesdropping, location tracking attacks) using mobile phones happen. FACT! We find it unbelievable that, prior to now, Government Ministers in Ireland have thought it…


Spy Chiefs Warned About Social Media Posting

MPs hit out at spy chiefs – and warn them about posting on social media “Social media is also known to be a battleground for covert hostile state action, so any enhanced media engagement should not undermine the agencies’ ability to act covertly and keep the UK safe.” The committee also complained it had not…