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Technical Surveillance Threats – No One Is Exempt

By Verrimus / 13th April 2023

Technical surveillance threats, or Bugs… or; pin-hole cameras, wire taps, phone hacking, secret filming, car trackers, hidden recorder, Air tags, hidden microphones, phone camera controls, lap top camera hacks, toilet cams, spying apps, keystroke loggers, passive network taps, unsecure wifi, etc how many of these phrases have you heard used in the media and news…

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Could Your Social Media be Used Against You?

By Verrimus / 26th January 2023

A recent ‘scandal’ involving the alleged ‘spying’ by a UK council on parents’ social media accounts has highlighted how social media can be used. Full article here Bristol Council SEND ‘spying’ scandal sees no date set for probe – BBC News We, at Verrimus, are always astounded by what people are willing to share publicly…

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Animal Eavesdropping – CIA Spy Projects

By Verrimus / 18th January 2023

We’re guessing most TSCM professionals don’t automatically consider the source of an eavesdropping attack to involve a family pet. Animal eavesdropping is something that has been explored by the CIA. It’s probably true that many other intelligence services worldwide have explored the possibility of using animals to eavesdrop. Discussions in the Verrimus Operational TSCM Training Facility…

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Privacy Protection Plans 2023

By Verrimus / 4th January 2023

Do you have a privacy protection plan? Is it suitable for the new threats of 2023? Well, for those who do celebrate, the December festivities are over, and it’s time to focus on your professional and personal plans for the coming year. Organisations and private individuals should be ensuring that their privacy protection plans meet…

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Can You Bug a Mobile Phone?

By Verrimus / 16th December 2022

Many clients ask us, can you bug a mobile phone? or how easy is it to bug a mobile phone/cell phone? – we decided to put together a YouTube video to demonstrate. Mobile phones are vulnerable to spyware attacks, malware attacks, ‘bugging’, which enable a technical surveillance attacker to compromise your privacy. The camera, GPS…

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TSCM Surveys: Procurement Tips

By Verrimus / 15th December 2022

TSCM Surveys: Procurement Tips (revised and reissued) Sarah Louise Hopkins Saul – MD Verrimus Limited   This article aims to assist people who are tasked with procuring the services of a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) service provider. We have highlighted previously the difficulties faced by private clients whom require the services of a TSCM operator.…

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Security Planning For 2023

By Verrimus / 12th December 2022

We are in mid-December already, many people are winding down to spend time away from work, some people are looking ahead to security planning for 2023. Take some time to research emerging security risks. Revisit your organisational security strategy. Be ready to assess whether your security strategy has identified ALL security risks and has adequately…

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TSCM for Domestic Abuse Victims

By Verrimus / 7th December 2022

TSCM for Domestic Abuse Victims Abusive and controlling partners often resort to using a variety of technical surveillance attack methods on their victims. Partners and ex-partners who do so are breaking the law, yet unless an attack is evidenced there is nothing a victim can do. Verrimus TSCM specialists have assisted a number of clients…

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Strange Find on a Newcastle Street

By Verrimus / 23rd November 2022

A curiosity, found in the rain, discarded on a Newcastle street. What is (or was) it? Take a look at the images above. Strange Find Indeed Today, at approximately 1100 hrs our Technical and Government Services Director was on his way for lunch in Newcastle City Centre. (Yes, I too think that 1100 is early,…

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What is TSCM – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures?

By Verrimus / 22nd November 2022

Verrimus offer a full range of critical information defence services. Our specialism is TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures). We’re obviously surprised when approached by security professionals who are unaware of what a TSCM survey is (and what it is not!). So, what is TSCM? Why is TSCM required? What Is TSCM? TSCM surveys are often…

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