TSCM Bug Sweep Training - GSM

TSCM Bug Sweep – Covert GSM audio transmitter in air conditioning unit. This is an image taken by one of our TSCM (Bug Sweep) Operators on task in the Middle East (Authorised Task). A GSM audio transmitter (GSM BUG) installed in an air conditioning unit. The device had a long external microphone, enabling the mic…(Read More)

Mobile phone security by Verrimus

Mobile phone security…When it comes to the creation, storage and communication of sensitive personal or business information, there is no device more prolific in its use than the mobile phone…. Just about every person in the UK owns and uses a mobile phone for personal and or business use. The depth of information these…(Read More)

TSCM Training

In one of our last video blogs, Gavin brought up the subject of commercial TSCM training courses, and explained that Verrimus would be starting to offer TSCM training to corporate and private individuals….in order to give the corporate and private markets a legitimate TSCM training provider to train with. I won’t repeat whats…(Read More)

TSCM Training Review

TSCM Training Review


We thought we’d share a thank you note we received from a military client that undertook some TSCM training with Verrimus. It’s impossible for us to describe how sophisticated our TSCM training is without compromising our training module content…so we tend to rely on our clients visiting our dedicated TSCM training centre…(Read More)

Gavin debunks the myth in the TSCM Bug Sweeping industry, about Frequency Hopping devices. Many TSCM, Bug Sweeping, companies use technical myths to convince potential clients that they have a capability greater than they actually have. Here, Gavin shows that Frequency Hopping devices are simple to find using even the most simple TSCM Bug Sweeping…(Read More)

Mobile Phone ‘Tap’


Gavin explains how a mobile phone can be ‘tapped’ or hacked to enable someone to use a persons mobile phone to spy on them… https://youtu.be/yIaLNHiC2fI…(Read More)

Employee Fraud


Employee fraud cost UK businesses £40,000,000 last year.   Greater London was the worst affected area for employee fraud last year, with £7.1m in losses reported to the Metropolitan Police caused by 93 incidences of fraud. Meanwhile, the City of London Police received reports of £4.7m losses caused by 14 incidences…(Read More)

Verrimus has been offering quality assurance testing of TSCM teams for over a year now. The uncomfortable fact of the matter is that the vast majority of companies offering TSCM service are utter frauds. I’m aware that this is an extremely hard line to take and commit to writing, but I’m very passionate…(Read More)