Covert Surveillance, technical surveillance, electronic surveillance, on individuals or organisations, by targeting their mobile phones is a primary methodology used by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies and without doubt all high level hostile criminal & terrorist organisations to intercept mobile phone traffic and track location data of individuals. Organisations and individuals that operate in ‘hostile…(Read More)

I’m always amazed at these type of stories. Click here to read the story Not because a private investigator has died, more at the apparent level of ridiculous decision taking on both sides of this case. Firstly the Metro reports ‘The McCanns believed Halligen to be in a ‘different league’ to other private investigators…(Read More)

Before I start to explain what Verrimus does I will point out one very important fact. Verrimus services are always carried out in a lawful manner, with the proper authorisation in place and with proper consent if required.   Verrimus is a Private Intelligence Agency, I suppose we are the bigger, more professional brother of…(Read More)

New Website


Welcome to our new website. We will be posting blogs regularly about all aspects of intelligence, counter intelligence and up to date threat and risk information for the benefit of our readers and clients. &nbsp…(Read More)